CS1311 2.5'' SATA III SSDCS1311 2.5'' SATA III 2TB SSD
Part No. SSD7CS1311-2TB-RB


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    Douglas S. Taylor08/25/2016

    Total bang for the buck. Durable to the max without any issue. Cloned perfectly my new computer without a hiccup. Speeds are slightly faster with this little pocket rocket. Then I purchased three more to put in my laptops. All of the time spent of installing after cloning, 10 minutes for it all. Just don't forget to optimize Windows 10 with additional tweaks without the need of any third party software!


    Put this into an AMD-A10 Dell Inspiron M531R (the drive even came with the spacer for the install; it was all too easy). IOBit Driver Booster hooked me up with all system drivers, PNY site (here) brought me up to speed on protecting this baby and keeping it going for long-term service and Avira is providing me with some free AV protection as I use this system for college. It is running Windows 10 Pro x64 and pushes all application for school with zero difficulty. I am a 15 year veteran having served in the USAF and do my best to shop with companies that keep jobs in America. PNY is a winner across all fronts. Not only is this one of the top three drives on the market, these guys keep our country running with our very own hands and keep jobs here at home. This is a win-win-win. Laptop boots up in 7 seconds, Office runs superbly, and the battery drain with this versus the previous 1TB 7200RPM drive is noticeable by at least 40 minutes. I am impressed with this company, this product and will continue to do business with them as long as they continue this stellar commitment to this great nation. Great job, PNY. Highly impressed. I am glad I came to know you guys and the good you all do. Thank you!


    Bought the 240GB model. The best price and specification offered among competitors. It did the job perfectly and working great even entry-level Intel Celeron Processor laptop.


    Bought 240GB, replace existing 1TB from new core i7 laptop. Great value performance and speedy. Price offered was the best among the competitor with spec given. Recommended to all.


    Excellent drive, It cut my MacBook Pro boot time from 52sec to 13sec, I enabled trim and my read & write test are 576 read & 549 write. This drive isn't even rated in the top 10 SSD which just surprises me but I'm not the expert.

    Art Hale06/10/2016

    I installed this drive on my field laptop for mostly photo editing and the improvement really makes a difference when working with large raw image files store on a conventional drive. The time savings is nothing short of fantastic. A real advantage to work up images in the in case you need to reshoot before moving on to the next shoot.

    Nick C04/04/2016

    . Tested it, the results were 520 read and 500 write, so not far from the specs. Just make sure the proper driver is installed for the sata ahci is right for your controller. Got the drive on sale for $59.99 at Fry's. Next upgrade will a ssd with 480 to 512 GB of storage for my ASUS Q501LA.


    Purchased the 240 for my HP DV6500 laptop. It installed and is working great, so I purchased the 480 for the desktop. The migration software works awesome and was fast. I am very impressed so far with both drives. Quite, fast and seem to be built very good.



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